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Ü-1, Condominium For Sale

Boardwalk, Palos Prietos Code RPV7301E-28 | Construction 689 ft2 | 1 Floor | 2 Bathrooms | 2 Bedrooms | $3,285,000.00 Pesos (MXN)

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Description of the Property:
Ün Modern Living is a space that combines good design, respect for the environment and the experience of being a local.

Its design was thought so that humans, nature and the community live in harmony, that is, they coexist. This is the reason for its name, which comes from the word "unity" and which refers to the curves that predominate in its architecture.

The tower consists of: 6 levels, 1 parking level, 28 apartments, 3 penthouses, amenities, elevator and more.

It also has landscaping inspired by the natural landscapes of the Mexican jungles and a very fresh atmosphere, where there is a constant
flow of air and natural light inside as if the tower were breathing called the core.

*Prices are subject to change without prior notice and availability.*

Associate in charge of this property

Paulina Elias Azcona Paulina Elias Azcona
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Property Amenities

  • Terrace
  • Swimming Pool
  • Street lighting
  • Electric energy
  • Water service
  • Monitored security system
  • Private Parking
  • Pets Allowed

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