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Who are we in RE/MAX Sunset Eagle and RE/MAX Aguila Real?


We are making available to you the real estate net with higher power of property movement in the world through its worldwide system of agencies that are connected online and allow the permanent interaction of the target markets with its product. The previous thing counting on almost 7,000 offices in 65 countries and more of 100,000 agents.

We have the best real estate offices in Mazatlán and South Sinaloa with 14 Sales Associates and a permanent administrative staff, as well as strategic alliances of the value chain specialized in residential and tourist residential, that assure you the best attention to every potential customer.

RE/MAX is the brand with higher recognition in USA and Canada.

RE/MAX Sunset Eagle

National Advertising
99.9 Percent!That’s the first quarter RE/MAX share of voice in national television!
While our competitors’ TV advertising was virtually non-existent in Q1, millions of consumers have seen your RE/MAX commercials on major broadcast networks and more than 20 cable channels. Second quarter SOV information will be available soon.
Three new RE/MAX TV ads appeared throughout the second quarter. The ads feature RE/MAX CEO Margaret Kelly, giving consumers straight-talk on today’s housing market while she emphasizes the importance of using a qualified RE/MAX agent.
On radio, RE/MAX sponsored Westwood One broadcasts of the final rounds and championship game of the NCAA Basketball Championship, as North Carolina captured the coveted title.

Second Quarter National Advertising Impressions: 1.962 Billion
2009 Total Impressions: 4.032 Billion

RE/MAX Sunset Eagle

RE/MAX aired ads during major primetime shows including "Lost," "CSI: Miami," "Grey’s Anatomy," "Desperate Housewives," "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," "The Amazing Race," "The Office," "ER," "Cold Case" and "Dancing with the Stars."
As an added value, RE/MAX received free exposure on CNN, HGTV, TLC and other cable networks.

Un porcentaje importante de nuestros clients nos contactan inicialmente a través de nuestros sitios web.

RE/MAX Sunset Eagle


RE/MAX Sunset Eagle RE/MAX Sunset Eagle RE/MAX Sunset Eagle

Our Principles

Team work: Coordinate abilities and strengths as a team to establish norms and actions to accomplish our common goals.

Feedback: A well established communication that is constant and rewarding within the team’s positive mental attitude.

PMA (Positive Mental Attitude): Faith and certainty in all what we have searched for has been granted. React with enthusiasm and to be emotionally stable to receive it.

Focus: Set our attention exclusively on that which we desire and separate it from that which we do not.

Respect:  Place our attention on what the other person desires and put ourselves in their shoes, to develop a better understanding and link to our partners.

Expressing all that can help or harm the team and our clients.

If we look to protect the team and our clients, the team and our clients will look after us.

Courtesy: Our treatment of others reflects our personal education, our professionalism.

Emotional Intelligence: Understanding our emotions. It is not about trying to suppress them rather trying to use them in such a way to make us more easy going. It’s about using them to wake up empathy and cause harmony with the people that surrounds us, particularly our clients and partners.

Pride: We’re proud to be who we are, of being the leaders in Real Estate in south Sinaloa and we’re proud of our teamwork.

Training: You create your own luck. But if there where an incidental factor that defined luck, definitively, luck would privilege the prepared minds.

Trust is not demanded, is earned, is given. To give and correspond to the faith given to each one of us.

Pursuit: We always finish what we begin and we assure to do it in the most efficient manner and format.

Compromise: We accomplish in time and formality what we promised to do looking to rise above the expectations of our partners and clients. We are the pig in eggs and ham.

Boldness and Courage : We are bold in our decisions and in the definition of goals we use our courage to enforce them.

Consistency: A constant drop of water can cause a “hole” in the strongest rock.

Discipline: Nothing is for free, and this is what distinguishes us and separates us from the ordinary, making us extraordinary and getting us closer to our extraordinary goals.

Initiative: We Define clearly the  "WHAT" and we create the necessary conditions to reach it.

Perseverance: We hold a clear view and we will firmly take action until we reach our objectives.

Brief History of RE/MAX Sunset Eagle and RE/MAX Aguila Real

RE/MAX Sunset Eagle was born in the ends of 2006 as an answer to the need of a real estate agency that could satisfy the demands on truly professional and ethical services, with a primary focus on national clients as well as international in search for residential properties, tourist residences, and investments. In this way, it initiates operations formally on March 2007 to be located in less than a year as one of the favorites in the local industry.

As general information, we can mention that since our beginning we have participated in the closing of an important number of properties in Mazatlan, of which most of them have been different project condominiums or re-sales. This puts us as leaders in real estate professional services in the city of Mazatlan. We have close operations with most of the agencies in Mazatlan because we have developed excellent relationships that have allowed move faster our inventory giving a better service to the clients that have trusted us.

The experience we have acquired allows us to tell you, with no doubt, that we are one of the agencies with more professionalism, knowledge, and support in all the value chain. All our associates count with an excellent level of education above the average in the real estate industry.

Actually, we have the capacity to move approximately 180 units per year and we keep on growing with the opening of our second office.
According to the president of RE/MAX México system: “RE/MAX Sunset Eagle has proven to be one of the best RE/MAX agencies in México showing the highest professionalism and fast growing”. In the same way, that we were located as one of the agencies with highest uptake of client and with higher number of hits (visits) to our website nationally in 2007.

Approximately 65% of our buyer clients have been foreigners, mainly Canadians and Americans. 10% of our clients were high purchase power investors and the rest were national clients looking for a better house to live or a beach property taking advantage of financing that they already had approved (we estimate that this percentage will increase significatively thanks to the recent infrastructure projects in Mazatlan).

We have distinguished ourselves for closing sales with some properties that had been for sale by other companies for at least a couple of years.


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