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Modelo Master Pent House 1, Condominium For Sale

Boardwalk, Escenica Code Modelo Master Pent House 1 | Construction 2,157 ft2 | 1 Floor | 4 Bathrooms | 4 Bedrooms | $20,597,140.00 Pesos (MXN)

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Description of the Property:
A residential project in Mazatlán with an exquisite design
contemporary architectural. conceptualized to live
fully enjoy its privileged location facing the sea, the
breeze from the Pacific Ocean and its incomparable sunsets.
Amenities that increase the value of your property, creating moments of pleasure and relaxation for everyone.
Take advantage of our presale prices for a limited time.
*Prices are subject to change without prior notice and availability.*

Associate in charge of this property

Teresa Ortiz Bautista Teresa Ortiz Bautista
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Property Amenities

  • Terrace
  • Close Gym
  • Kitchen with cabinets
  • Swimming Pool
  • Private Parking

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