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Outside of Mazatlan, El Castillo Code RTV7003E-28 | Lot 589,862 ft2 | View: City View $18,522,400.00 Pesos (MXN)

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Description of the Property:
Are you looking for the perfect place to grow your business or invest in a unique opportunity? This commercial land offers you everything you need and more.

Strategically located in an area of high industrial and commercial demand, this land offers endless opportunities for visionary entrepreneurs like you.

With extensive space available, you have the freedom to design and build facilities that perfectly suit your needs. From warehouses and distribution centers to corporate offices, the possibilities are limitless.

By combining industrial and commercial zones, this land offers a unique competitive advantage. You can take advantage of the synergy between both activities and diversify your sources of income.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to invest in industrial and commercial land with unparalleled potential.

The future of your business starts here!

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Thannia Escalante Thannia Escalante
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