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LAND AT EL DELFIN , Vacant lots for developing. For Sale

Nuevo Mazatlan, El Delfín Code RTV1320E-28 | Lot 115,261 ft2 | 1 Floor | $4,283,252.00 Dollars (US)

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Description of the Property:
Beach Property at Emerald Bay! For the Investor´s and for those who are the creators. The only peace of Beach Property just a very short distance from "The Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay Resort & Spa". It is the perfect spot for a Hotel, Condominiums or Private Residences with the privilege of one of the most beautiful beaches in Mazatlan, 1056.15 sq. ft in front of the beach…... explore the potential of the Golden Beaches of the Mazatlan Coast line and the impressive beach from which one could watch the daily setting of the Sun and many times per month the fantastic setting of the moon as well as often the swimming by of the dolphin families. Occasionally you also can have the privileged with a whale or two letting themselves drop deep into the waters and surge up!..................Unforgettable!!!!!

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Helen Carrillo Iturrios        Helen Carrillo Iturrios
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