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Our clients can tell you better...

Sam and Louise - March 4, 2010

This is to recommend to anybody who wants to list and sell their property in Mazatlan. Remax and their staff are very professional and experienced in listing and showing any property you may want to sell.

They listed and sold my house 3 weeks after it was listed. We especially liked the fact that all their sales staff came and familiarized themselves with our house just after it was listed, so they knew all the features of it. We did not have to get involved with showing or explaining anything. GOOD PLAN.

María Yolanda - April 27, 2015

“I am very satisfied, the service was of a very high quality and I am very happy.”

Hazel and Marcel, from Switzerland - June 4, 2015

“We charged Sheryl Gamble and her team from Remax Sunset Eagle to sell our nice property in Mazatlan.

The selling process has been managed mainly by Sheryl. All time we got informed very well about the current actions. Some months later the property has been sold at a good price. Sheryl did a very good job in a professional and very friendly manner. In the end our job was nothing more than to communicate our banking account and to firm the contract... :-)

We recommend Sheryl and her team of Remax unconditionally.”

Elsa - October 12, 2016

I would like to thank you very much for your excellent service in selling our house for us.

The process was done very quickly and professionally and I am happy to have the matter finished and done. The experience of you Remax Sunset Eagle agency in the real estate business was very valuable to us in working through the bank processes.
Thank you Rosy.”

Patty - October 25, 2016


I just wanted to take a minute to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the care and attention you have given me with regard to the purchase of my condo at Paraiso I. 

You truly have gone above and beyond what would be expected of any realtor, and in that regard you are far superior.  I am so thankful to have had the good fortune to work with you.  At the beginning of our dealings, you assured me that you would help me with anything that came up that I didn't understand or had trouble seeing through to completion. 

Not only did you break down all the costs associated with our purchase, informing us in writing of what to expect, but you stood by it!  Further, when my title needed to be changed due to unforeseen personal circumstances, you helped see all of that through to completion!  You clearly understand the difficulties posed when real property transactions take a long time to process, and the purchaser (or seller) lives out of the country. 

Please be assured that I would recommend you and Remax Sunset Eagle to any friend or family member looking for property in Mazatlan.  You do such a great job, and you stand by your word. 

You truly exceed any and all expectations!!!  THANK YOU!"

Valerie Ann - November 8, 2016

"I could not have sold my condominium without Rosa Isela's help.
Rosa andher team at Remax Sunset Eagle guided me, calmed me, explained how everything works and took care of business and me. 

I hold Rosa in the highest esteem."

Larry and Bonita - Success Story

"To Whom It May Concern:

In the winter of 2009 we decided that events at home in Oregon would no longer allow us to spend as much time at our condominium in Mazatlan as we had the previous two years. We were looking at maybe two months as compared to 5 months previously. Additionally, we wanted to travel to other locations in Mexico as well as other parts of the world. It became apparent that the condominium no longer met our needs.

We decided in January of 2010 to place our unit on the market. There were numerous units on the market in our complex that had been for sale for some time… without any sales and few showings. We did not want our condo to just sit on the market. We wanted to price it to sell during the 2010 season.

When we were furnishing our condominium in 2007 we met Sheryl Gamble who at that time was working in business other than real estate sales. We found Sheryl to be a pleasant, honest and hardworking individual.  Knowing that she was now in real estate sales at “REMAX”, we were very comfortable with both Sheryl and the reputation of “REMAX Sunset Eagle”. We sought her out with the directive that she needed to determine a price at which to market the property… a price that was acceptable to us and one that would result in a sale that met our time frame.

We entered into an agreement with Sheryl and “REMAX” for the marketing of our condominium. We couldn’t have been more pleased with the marketing effort and the activity it generated. After an initial period of roughly two weeks during which the marketing plan was developed, we had multiple showings weekly until an offer was made, negotiated, and accepted. We estimate the total number of showings at 15 to 20 during the marketing period.
In addition to Sheryl’s marketing effort, our return home to Oregon meant that Sheryl would have to oversee a myriad of tasks, both before and after closing, in order to complete the sale. This was done without incident and to our complete satisfaction. 
We appreciate the efforts and expertise of Sheryl and the team at REMAX for their exemplary work in the sale of our condominium. We wholeheartedly recommend Sheryl Gamble, and the team at REMAX, to anyone that is either looking to buy, or sell, a property in Mazatlan."

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