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Atlantica Commercial VLD

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Description of the Property
Atlantica Commercial VLD, is an exclusive project of commercial vacant lots for development, unique in its kind, since you will not find locals in Marina Mazatlan with the ideal size for your business (350, 500, 660 and 940 m2 approx.) and also, with this excellent location within the development with greater growth, surplus value and the best commercial area of the city. Surrounded by amenities, attractions, schools, residential and tourist developments connected by the main avenues of the area and with a large vehicular flow, which guarantee a constant movement of visitors, making them the ideal place to captivate customers that generate success to your business .In the purchase of any of our lots, your investment is maximized, since being of mixed use, you can grow your business two levels and up to a third level as a residential use. In addition, all our lots are urbanized and ready to develop, with services on foot of the lots, in different sizes and prices that fit your needs and budget.They also have common areas, access for disabled people, deceleration lane to access the set of lots and 180 parking spaces.*Prices are subject to change without prior notice and availability.*
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