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Planning an alternate space in Old Town Mazatlan

Planning an alternate space in Old Town Mazatlan
  • Planning an alternate space in Old Town Mazatlan
  • Planning an alternate space in Old Town Mazatlan
  • Planning an alternate space in Old Town Mazatlan
  • Planning an alternate space in Old Town Mazatlan

Mazatlan - Sept. 2009. As an alternate space to the Plazuela Machado, the Niños Héroes Street will be closed to offer enternaining and gastronomic activities to the local and foreign audience. It’s about a Project promoted by restaurant business men located in this avenue, supported by Canirac. The idea is to initiate this Saturday with free cultural activities, where the visitors, as well as tasting the cuisine, may enjoy of musical shows, photographic expositions, and independent movie festival. Ricardo Velarde, owner of one of the restaurants of this area, explained that the intention is to reactivate the Niños Héroes street, that’s also part of Old Town Mazatlan, and that it can be an alternate forum of Plazuela Machado. Starting this Saturday, from 20:00 to 01:00 hours, the street located between Mariano Escobedo and Sixto Osuna, will be closed to vehicular traffic to become pedestrian. The restaurants will come out to the street to set tables and offer their service from outside, in meantime the visitors listen to the music of the Cuban Fake Orchestra and dj’s Onitsuka. They can also admire the photographic exposition “Cuban Look” of Angel Yu and Emilio Olivares. September 15th they will closet he street again to celebrate Mexico’s Independence with Mariachi. The activities will end this month’s 24, in what forms the first part of Niños Heroes Project.

Remax Sunset Eagle Mazatlan.FUENTE: Periódico Noroeste 10 de Sept. 2009

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