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Guaranteed Investments resources in Teacapan

Guaranteed Investments resources in Teacapan

Mazatlan.-September 10,2009.   RAFAEL CÁRDENAS The budget cuts are not affecting the Teacapán Integrally Planned Center, on the contrary the budget resources are guaranteed, as informed by the Fonatur representative for this tourist Project, Juan Carlos Hurtado Monreal. As a proof of this, he specified that 300 million pesos will be invested the next year in infrastructure works, land management, drainage, water, street planning, with the purpose of being ready for the future arrival of investments. “They don’t affect us (the budget cuts nor the fusion of Sectur to the Economy Secretary), the budget keeps the same until now, and we are going to keep on working as Fonatur, this doesn’t affect the development”, he expressed. The federal official assured that, as the Mexican Republic President Felipe Calderón said, in spite of the incorporation of the Tourism Secretary in the Economy one, they are going to keep supporting the tourism sector of the country. As a proof of the previous, he specified that until the moment in the Teacapan’s Integrally Planned Center have been invested 125 millions of pesos, from which 120 have been used in property studies, some work as the construction of the main access boulevard and they are still working on several technical studies. About an alleged delay in completion of infrastructure Works, Hurtado Monreal, assured that there is no delay, but there are some actions that have been re-scheduled, because they detected salt marshes that are damaged by their own natural wear and did some studies again to determine a schedule of works. However, he said that the investments will continue. “The investment for the next year is of around of 300 millions of pesos, with infrastructure work: land movements, water and drainage that are the first stage, phase 1, that is a 96 hectares project that are the entrance and the main road, medians, streets, water, drainage”, he said. The Fonatur Official mentioned that this Federation dependency did suffer a budget cut but in areas such as maintenance, and from the construction company, but not in tourist projects as the one of Tecapan, Escuinapa Hurtado Monreal was yesterday in the official opening of the Educative Center of Escuinapa, where the State governor, Jesús Aguilar Padilla, mentioned that the graduates from the institutions involved will be important human resources to the development of the south of the estate with this tourist project.

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